VRURC Recalls OD-B7 Power Bank 

1.We have discovered that due to a manufacturing condition, OD-B7 Power Bank has received at least one report of fireinvolving the Subject Products. The safety of our customers is VRURC’s highest priority, and we have issued a voluntary recall of all VRURC OD-B7 Power Bank devices.We urge all customers with an VRURC OD-B7 Power Bank to follow the steps below. Sold at: Exclusively at Amazon.com from July 2021 through May 2023.

2.Remedy (Replace):Free replacement
STEP1 :Determine the model. Below the images of the model included in this recall.(located on the back of the product)

STEP2:Use the form to submit a replace request for your VRURC OD-B7 Power Bank. To help expedite the process, please make sure to fill in the right Amazon order number with the form.

STEP3:We have paid for the postage and will send you a return label with the logistics number information later, you can send the defective product back to us with free shipping and we will re-arrange a new replacement for you.

Notes:If the defective product has been destroyed/scraped, please provide proof of disposal of the subject product at a municipal recycling center or household hazardous waste collection facility that accepts recalled lithium-ion batteries, or a description thereof, and we will manually conduct an individual review and arrange for a new replacement to be shipped to you.

How to tell if you own a VRURC OD-B7 

What to do if you own a VRURC OD-B7

1. Immediately stop using this device and store this device in a safe location
2. Do not throw battery into the trash or recycling bin. Please dispose of your device at a facility that accepts Lithium batteries
3. Click here to provide related information and submit a replace request for your VRURC OD-B7 Power Bank.

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